© 2009-2010 Irena Šebová, Tomáš Král
033_ Urban development Area-Bory 
Institution >>> KB Král s.r.o.
Authors >>> Tomáš Král, Jiří Michálek, Irena Šebová
Date >>> 10/2008-12/2008

There are some fourteen-storey housing towers from 1960s built along the ring-shaped street at the south border of Pilsen, at the point of the sharp boundary between the town and “Bory Gardens”. In spite of contemporary contempt for prefabs, we´ll try to link to the initial principle of the build-up area. We transform to the client´s plots a lay-out of housing towers turned toward the broad city gardens.  The newly proposed towers don´t overreach the old ones with their height. We densify the towers with inferior houses in contrary to the original “far-between” urbanism (urban lay-out). The common “socle” serves as parking. We shift the buildings to the north edge of the site area, the south part of the parcel is proposed to become a collective garden primarily for the condominium inhabitants.

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