Key documents
CV, resume
Click >>> irenasebova_CV-resume.pdf >>> to download curriculum vitae including selected projects in PDF format
Full portfolio
Click >>> irenasebova_portfolio-en.pdf >>> to download English full portfolio of projects in PDF format
Click >>> irenasebova_portfolio-cz.pdf >>> to download Czech full portfolio of projects in PDF format

Diploma files
Click >>> irenasebova_Diploma-certificate.pdf >>> to download Diploma certificate in PDF format
Diploma project
Click >>> irenasebova_Diploma_mainposter.pdf >>> to download Diploma main poster in PDF format
Click >>> irenasebova_Diploma_portfolio.pdf >>> to download Diploma portfolio in PDF format
Click >>> irenasebova_Diploma_caption.gif >>> to download Diploma eye catcher in animated gif file
Click >>> irenasebova_preDiploma_poster.pdf >>> to download preDiploma eye catcher poster in PDF format

Selected projects
Click >>> irenasebova_038_text+boards.pdf >>> to download text and boards in single PDF document of 038_The West Bohemian Gallery building in Pilsen
Click >>> irenasebova_005_poster.pdf >>> to download poster of 005_Urban design Tolbiac project in PDF format
Click >>> irenasebova_006_poster.pdf >>> to download poster of 006_Hotel Tolbiac project in PDF format
Click >>> irenasebova_013_poster.pdf >>> to download poster of 013_Cableway terminus Sněžka project in PDF format
Click >>> irenasebova_014_poster.pdf >>> to download poster of 014_Leisure time centre project in PDF format
Click >>> irenasebova_015_poster.pdf >>> to download poster of 015_Housing Porotherm project in PDF format

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